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If you compare the sound of the Mepps H210 with Mepps other musky spinners you'll quickly discover the heavy thump of a big spinner blade is enhanced by the two #10 Indiana blades spinning in tandem. We also recorded #10 Colorado blades spinning in tandem and discovered the sound was actually muted. Sound travels fast underwater and the rapid tremolo effect of the two big Indiana blades spinning in unison, coupled with the additional flash of the second blade, is sure to attract trophy fish.

Musky Fishermen know Mepps makes the premier spinners in musky fishing. The Mepps H210 has all the features needed to continue that legacy including...

Two #10 Magnum Indiana blades for maximum flash and vibration.
Two heavy duty 7/0 VMC cone cut hooks maximize your catch rate.
Solid brass components assure perfect balance and operation.
Jointed construction eliminates the force big fish can exert on the lure.
Split ring assembly allows blades & tails to be mixed and matched.
100% holographic Flashabou for maximum attraction.
Is it any wonder Mepps musky bucktails were voted "Best Musky Bucktail" by the readers of "Musky Hunter" magazine!

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