Musky Marabou

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The #7 Colorado blade on the Musky Marabou produces a hard audible "thump" as it's pulled though the water. In addition, this Colorado blade produces a pitch higher than any other blade we tested in its size-class. This is understandable, considering the Colorado blade spins further out from the body of the spinner than any other blade Mepps uses. Also this blade weighs 8.5 grams. making it just a little lighter than either the #7 Aglia blade used on the Mepps Magnum Musky Killer, or the #6 Aglia Long blade on the Mepps Giant Killer. Both these blades weigh 10 grams. Because the Colorado blade is slightly lighter and it spins out and away from the Musky Marabou's body, this lure can be retrieved at a medium to high speed, bulged just under the surface or burned over the top of weeds. It's no wonder the Musky Marabou, with its pulsating marabou tail, is a favorite of trophy bass, pike and musky fishermen worldwide.

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