(Duck Hunting) with (Deeks) the Perfect (Duck Decoys) for a (Duck hunter)

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(Deeks) Decoys were first made in 1936 and were the 1st mass produced duck decoy for duck hunters. For many generations duck hunters used them and even today they are a well known and respected brand of duck decoy for duck hunters all around the world. They quit making them in 1977 but in 2005 they were re-introduced as an even better version but of the same design. It now is on its way back to being the number one selling decoy on the market once again. The only thing delaying the climb to the top is the media lies about needing a highly detailed decoy in order to fool the ducks. What a big crock of Whoeee. Thankfully the older and knowledgeable hunters know what I am saying is 100% true. After all, how could the hunters who used them for all those years 1936-1977 have been successful if it were not true. See the videos for details on how easy they are to use. Compact self inflating decoys that are so small when you are not using them, that you can carry a couple dozen in your coat pockets.

Deeks Duck Decoys by Deeks -- Revver Online Video Sharing NetworkAug 21, 2008 ... A video by Deeks - http://Deeksdecoys.com Deeks Decoys were first made in 1936 and were the 1st mass produced duck decoy.

Testimonials about Deeks Duck Decoys"As the 2006 duck season draws to a close I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how pleased I am with my Deeks Duck Decoys. I purchased my Deeks at the ...

Deeks Original Mallard Duck Decoys at MacksPW.comLow Prices on Deeks Original Mallard Duck Decoys from MacksPW.com. Free Shipping Offer and 24/7 Friendly Customer Service!

1941 ad for Deeks Duck Decoys - self inflating - eBay (item ...eBay: Find 1941 ad for Deeks Duck Decoys - self inflating in the Sporting Goods , Outdoor Sports , Hunting , Vintage , Advertisements category on eBay.

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