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Tiniest Catch: The Birth of Micro-Sport Fishing! Maximum Fun from Mini Fishing!

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This is the pilot episode of Tiniest Catch. Brought to you by Team Thermo and http://www.micro-sportfishing.com. Or by email at sales@micro-sportfishing.com.

What began as a handmade gift to one of the employees, rapidly turned into a competition between coworkers to build the world's greatest scaled fully functional micro fishing pole and reel.

The Competition lead to collaboration, and so emerged Micro Sport Fishing. We build and sell the world's finest fully functional fishing equipment dedicated to Micro-Sport Fishing.

Please visit http://micro-sportfishing.com for more information on our hand-crafted, American Made, Micro-Sport Fishing gear!

Our 100% hand crafted American made carbon fiber performance fishing rods and reels, that we built in house for ourselves began attracting attention. People realized that our scaled micro fishing poles opened up a whole new world, where every aquarium, koi pond, tiny creek or waters edge can readily become grounds for some serious Micro-Sport Fishing action. Our rods are completely and fully scaled to 1/6 -- 1/8. You can imagine that pretty small fish immediately become the fight of your life on these tiny rigs!

Thank you for watching and your support help keeps us making great products in America.

Take a look! http://www.micro-sportfishing.com
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sanya_GF # 2 ноября 2012 в 16:34 +1
Зимний ультралайт)))
Jaguan(Егор) # 2 ноября 2012 в 16:46 0
Не, ну это уже клиника crazy

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